Women Clothing Summer sales 2019: A guide to your purchases September 24, 2019 – Posted in: Lifestyle, Uncategorized


The 2019 summer sales season is here and it’s good to get prepared! Here is the complete schedule and a few tricks to avoid crazy discount traps

From July till October, shoppers around the world enjoy special discounts and offers from brands. Kross Kulture Women Clothing has also come up with its End of Season Sale in which it is offering Flat 50% OFF on the entire stock.
Although in some regions sales start a little earlier, and it is right to get well prepared so as not to be fooled by clever shopkeepers offering crazy discounts. Here is a shopping guide!

5 tips to better face the summer sales

The joy of buying with discounts can often make you lose control by spending money on things that you really don’t need, making any savings worthless. Even in the case of sales, however, it is very important to make an informed shopping, so as not to have to regret the purchases and spend more than what would have been spent without discounts.

Here are 5 good tips for getting the most out of your 2019 summer sales:

1. Take a look at your wardrobe

It is essential to check your closet well before making new purchases so as to avoid buying things you already have. Furthermore, it is very useful to get rid of what you are no longer wearing and make room for new fashionable garments, which will enhance your personality.

2. Take a stroll around the shops just before the sales

To avoid the queues, the crowd and the waste of time, throw yourself headlong into sales with already very clear ideas on what you want to buy. Before they start it’s a good way to shop and look at what you can do, try on the clothes and sizes so that you already know what to buy when the discounts start.

3. Beware of inventories

Many shopkeepers could fall into the temptation to be clever and to put old articles, garments that are old-fashioned, back into stock among the goods on sale. In this case, what they offer is fake. Always keep your eyes open and don’t trust such scams, especially in the early days of sales.

4. Always keep the receipts

Even during the sales, if a product is defective or if you have the wrong size, you can always ask for a change, but only if you have a receipt, and only if you request it within the deadline of return policy set by the store.

5. Take advantage of the sale to buy seasonal “must haves”

The purpose of sale is not to buy so much, but to buy well!
So don’t go for buying extremely discounted clothes just because they are cheap because you will never wear them if they are not according to your taste. Take advantage of the balances instead to buy basic items that will be useful for every occasion, like plain trousers, a simple black dress or a white shirt. Moreover, the sales are very useful for buying designer clothes or accessories that are affordable only when discounted.